The Postcard Project

Our class this year is taking part in an international project called ‘The Postcard Project‘. It is organised by the wonderful people from ‘Pirates of Room 4‘. Please go to their blog if you want to be involved. The whole idea of the project is to make connections with people from around the world and learn a little bit about the places you receive postcards from.

We have been lucky enough to receive four postcards already. We would like to thank these classes for their postcards. We really appreciate your efforts. We have even shared your postcards with our whole school at a recent school assembly.

New Zealand

Visit their blog


Visit their blog


Visit their blog



  1. How great to see the students communicating with their student friends from around the world. I wish I had that in my time.Gordi 🙂

  2. Cerys (From Hawes Primary School)

    June 16, 2011 at 2:59 AM

    Hey! My Postcard is up there!

    I am involved in the postcard project with Mr. Baldock’s Class and I just got a postcard back! And now I’m working on the reply.

    It’s been great fun doing the postcard project.

  3. Hi Mr Baldock and Grade 2/3,

    We’re participating in the Postcard Project too! We’ve found it great fun! We love learning about the places the postcards have come from – it really helps our geography skills!

    We’ve received postcards from some of the same people as you! The guys in B4 – Reefton, Techie kids in USA and the UK gang from Hawes PS! How funny!

    Good luck with the project!

    Miss Goodey,

    • Thanks for your comment. Your blog looks great. Looks like your class gets up to some very fun and interesting things. I have added a link to your blog on our ‘Classroom Blogs We Follow’ section.

      All the best.

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