My Top 5 things to do in the holidays

1. I went to a 4 hour dance work shop with Hannah and Dylan from So you think you can dance & Keiynan Lonsdale who plays “OLLIE”  on the TV show Dance Academy. It was awesome…………………………. but hard work too.

2. I went to Oakbank for the first time. The rides were so much fun!!

3. I went to Port Elliot to visit my cousins at the caravan park

4. Crashed my sisters yr 6 catch up picnic at Old Clarendon Oval with Cooper, Oscar, Lachlan and Mia.

5. Went shopping for clothes and earrings.

emily at Oakbank


  1. Hi Emily,
    It sounds like you had a very busy holiday.
    What sort of activities did you do at your dance workshop?

  2. alana2014nativity

    April 27, 2014 at 5:14 PM

    WOW it sounds like you had an excellent holidays. I bet it was fun!!

  3. Thanks for your post Emily. Sound s like you’ve had a great holiday.

  4. Im glad the holidays have been fun so far Emily xx

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