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Pineapple’s amazing book by Genny

Spike and the bad day by Lauren

Review: The Gizmo By Paul Jenning

This story was about a boy called Floggit who said to another boy called Stephen to steel the Gizmo. When Stephen stole the gizmo things started to go crazy. When  he was walking along the footpath he came upon a tramp, a man and a wedding. Then some strange clothing exchanges occured.

My favourite moment of the story was at the end when the gizmo started to beep when he was next to a girl in a bikini . He didn’t look the best in them, they made him look really funny.

Out of 10 I would rate this book a 9 out of ten, because it was good, but I think it could of been a bit funnier.


By Alana

We are learning to code

We have been learning to code in our class. We have learnt about ‘Algorithms’. An algorithm is a set of instructions that you can follow to complete a task. We had a go at making our own algorithms to create a paper plane. We learnt very quickly that giving someone accurate instructions is really important. You can see our creations below.

Word Mania Round 1 Challenge Results

Well done to everyone who took part in the Word Mania Round 1 Challenge. Our school came 7th in the state. A great result. Round 2 started yesterday and concludes on August 9th.

Word Mania 1

The Gizmo By Paul Jennings The Review

This is my review of the story the Gizmo. The Gizmo is about a boy called Stephen Wilkins. He stole the Gizmo to be a part of a gang. After Stephen stole the Gizmo it kept paying him back for stealing it. The main characters are Stephen and the Gizmo. One thing Stephen really wants to do is get rid of the Gizmo, but can he do it?

My favourite part of the story is when Stephen is in a brides dress and all the people at the wedding are chasing him. He hops onto a horse and rides away from them all.

My rating for this story is 9 out of 10.


By Lauren

Review of The Gizmo

This story is about a boy who steals a Gizmo to be a part of a gang and the Gizmo ends up doing some pretty crazy things in return, but what the Gizmo does also helps him in some ways.

My most favourite moment in this story is when Floggit ends up being naked in-front of the whole water park.

My rating for this story was definitely 10 out of 10!


By Genny

Word Mania

wordmaniaOur class is involved in the Word Mania Challenge. All our students have been given their username and password already. If they have misplaced their username and password please message me on ClassDojo and I’ll reply with your child’s details. The first round of the challenge concludes after tomorrow, so please give it a go over the weekend. Please find below some more information on the challenge and the prizes available.




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