Date: November 19, 2015

Mission Storm Troopers

Instruction: You need to try get all storm troopers to win the game the controls you use is the arrow .

How do you win the game?: To win the game you need to get all the storm troopers.


Alex’s star wars game get the mouse droids!

Instructions: For my game to win you have to get all the mouse droids, but if you touch a Priobot you will get minus points.


This is my star wars link

The sky awakens

Title: The sky awakens

Instructions: When you get any of  the characters you get 100 points and you get three diffrent backgrounds and the charaters get faster and faster. Use your arrow keys to play the game and if you hit an object you lose 100 points.

How to win: You win by getting 2000 points good luck.

By Alana

R2-D2 Called To Help

This is my star wars game. Here are the instructions.

(1) You start with a rebel pilot and you have to go to him. Move the arrow keys to get to the rebel pilot.

(2) Once you get the rebel pilot a storm trooper appears and a Tauntaun. Then go to the Tauntaun, but don’t touch the storm trooper because you then lose 1000 points.

(3) When you get the Tauntaun a Probot appears. Then go to the Probot.

(4) When you get the Probot a Mouse Droid appears. Then go to the Mouse Droid.

(5) When you get the Mouse Droid a Mynock appears. Then go to the Mynock.

(6) When you get the Mynock you win the game and you tap the reset button to play again.

I hope you like my star wars game. If you want to play click the link below.

Star Wars: The Quest™

Instructions: If you catch puffer pigs you get 100 points, but if you catch the probots you get minus 100 points.

How to win: To win you have to catch all of the probots.


Stars wars The quest to catch all Stormtroopers©

Star wars the quest to catch all Stormtroopers

My Stars wars game is really fun when you have R2-D2 to catch all the Stormtroopers and win the game. Each Storm trooper that you get is 100 points. It sounds easy but there is a twist if you run into a Probot you will not only loose 200 points you will loose the game. If you would like to play my game the link is below. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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